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AAU Program


Congratulations on what we hope was a successful middle or high school basketball season. We hope that you have gotten a few weeks to rest and are now ready to take things to the next level.

AAU basketball is an integral aspect of every dedicated basketball players experience. Summer or travel basketball gives college and international scouts and coaches the opportunity to watch and evaluate athletes in alternative settings, compared to middle/high school teams.

Our AAU program is tied to our Academy Program in that athletes with exceptional skill will be afforded the opportunities to participate in elite skill camps that further the reach and recognition of their athletic abilities.

Teams will be kept to 8 or 9 players per team (depending on how many kids we have sign up).


  • M17U Elite
  • M15U
  • M12U
  • W17U Elite
  • W15U
  • W12U

Players will have a chance to “play up” depending on their skill level.

Students can re-tryout for a new team after each tournament.

The M17U Elite program will run a national schedule.

All other teams will run a regional schedule and compete for the AAU national championship in Orlando, Florida (Disney).


Selected athletes will have the ability to travel as a group to various exposure camps throughout Canada and the United States.

Program personnel will work with athletes to coordinate college exposure, recognition, recruiting, etc.