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Elite AAU Program

By David Andoh, 03/05/19, 11:15AM EST


Welcome to PeoplesWay

The bottom line is that basketball players in this area are missing a critical component of basketball training. My hope is that by creating a competitive environment, athletes are stirred to re-evaluate their commitment to the sport of basketball.

Basketball, much like any other job, hobby or career, is a skill that can be worked at.

AAU Program

I am looking to start a new competitive basketball program here in Olean, New York. This model is to resemble one that I personally experienced, and one that I had the opportunity to be a part of out in California. 

My vision is to create an elite time here (top team) use all of my resources to develop them into skilled players and recruitable assets, and then help them pursue career goals in such sport or whatever other creative aspiration that they have.

Basketball is more than just putting a ball in the basketball. It takes dedication and faith.

 Still want to move forward and see what you've got? Register for an individual or group session at your convenience. Thank you so much for your time, and I cannot wait to get in the gym together.

- Coach David Andoh