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011: Pursuing Jesus

By David T Andoh, 04/10/19, 10:45AM EDT


"Trust me in every detail of your life.

Nothing is random in my kingdom. Everything that happens fits into a pattern for good, to those who love me. Instead of trying to analyze the intricacies of the pattern, focus your energy on trusting  Me and walk close to Me. Even your mistakes and sins can be recycled into something good through My transforming grace.

While you were still living in darkness, I began to shine the Light of My Presence into your sin-stained life. Finally, I lifted you up out of the mire into My marvelous Light. Having sacrificed My very Life for you, I can be trusted in every facet of your life".

Reference Text––Jeremiah 17:7; Romans 8:28Psalm 40:2; 1 Peter 2:9


I woke up grateful this morning. Grateful because this community has invested in a future that involves Jesus. 

When I think about Olean, New York, I think about the possibility for God to work; the fertile ground for his spirit to dwell.

I believe that this is one of the best places in the world, because it itches for more Truth. I find this to be true because of the spectrum of churches that align themselves with His Truth. I'm almost at a point where I can find some kind of gathering each day of the week, which is not normal.

Of these different gatherings, I attend most to hear a good word. Some are just fellowship, while some I get to be a role-model for the next generation. There is an itch in my heart to step into that role. I don't know what that means or looks like, but it's okay.

It's okay to not know what tomorrow holds and to go with what is right in front of you. Jesus wants us to walk by faith. Easier said that done right? I get it.

Each and everyone of us have something that we would rather be doing. Something that would better satisfy our soul, heart, logical thinking, etc. I'm a huge proponent for indulging, as long as it aligns with God's vision for the kingdom. 

Purity of Heart: A life with Jesus feels and looks a lot different than a life without him. Imagine making every decision with his heart or desires in mind. Imagine asking your self that fairytale question: What would Jesus do?

Our Father asks us to pursue him--

When I pursue basketball, I think of the highest bar set. It's my goal. It's what I'm striving for, what I think will make me happy; it's my focus. For basketball, the bar was professional basketball. I looked up to and wanted to be Carmelo Anthony on the New York Knicks. 

What would it look like to pursue Jesus?

5 am workouts, 9 am lift, 1 pm Yoga, 4 pm practice, 9 pm shooting. That is what I coined "pursuit" at one point in my life. 

Today and with Jesus, it entails loving all people in all circumstances. It entails finding my confidence in him instead of what man says. Pursuing Jesus is following what is on my heart, no matter how crazy or insane it may seem. It's faith that he has my back and that he is fighting in my corner. It's constantly holding myself to his standard, to his word. 

What does pursuing Jesus look like for you?

I'd love to hear.