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Tonight's Fellowship: Houghton 3-on-3

By David Andoh, 03/23/19, 9:00PM EDT


Around 11 o'clock today, the Austin's picked me up and I rode out with them to pursue a 3-on-3 tournament championship at Houghton College.

Every year, Houghton holds a 3-on-3 tournament for middle and high school boys and girls. The competitions draw out thousands of people to the university's beautiful and intimate campus. 

This years team consisted of "Cam" (Austin), "AJ", "X", and "Ram". The group of four surrendered their first game, but finished out the night 4-and-1 as they quickly learned how to play together. It was awesome watching their chemistry grow in just a few hours.

After an afternoon of basketball, our van stopped at what was the nicest Subway I'd ever been in. I also have to mention that Cam ordered just a loaf of wheat bread. Supposedly he does that often. Lol.

As we pulled up to my Olean apartment, the thought came to Chris and I to go church. We found a Saturday night service and made our way over. 

Family Church of Allegany has been around for just a few months. Their pastor is electric, passionate, and outside of himself. 

When I first heard his style of preaching, I was a little conflicted. He said a few things that hit me hard. Of course, I took those things and references them to scripture and they lined up. 

I loved the challenge and am excited to keep hearing the good news at FCA.