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I find that the process of building something from top to bottom is identical to the journey of a life that I have lived.

God is Calling. Will You Pick Up?

By David Andoh, 03/01/19, 11:00PM EST


I've seen so much––some pretty amazing things, places, and people. But still, my only desire is Jesus. 

I want to do Kingdom work, all the time. But I always felt like I had to finish this, or that; school, or photography, etc. It got to the point where I felt that I was being disobedient. This exhausted me, but also confirmed what I believe is my call to inspire youth.


Scripture is pretty illustrative when it paints a picture of what life looks like for believers and unbelievers. In some context, it feels like a set of rules, but really it's a language of love. Jesus always knows what's best for us. so the ability to listen and the patience to discern the application of his truth are some of the guidelines that lead my walk.

This basketball academy came out of nowhere for me too. The idea, the business plan, the investments, the community, it's all Jesus.

I can't do it alone, nor do I want to. So please, if you are interested in helping out as we grow, please look out for our "dibs" tab in the main menu.